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Item #128


$25 to Garden Fever!
Garden Fever!
1-Certificate for $25 to use at Garden Fever! in Inner NE Portland - Open 7 Days a Week!

Item #144


$30 for Hardware & More
Beaumont Hardware
Certificate for $30 to Beaumont Hardware in NE Portland's Beaumont Neighborhood.  

Item #227


Garden Decor - Fountain
Heather Doctor
Scott Living Garden Decor

Item #274


Lisa's Gardening Basket
Trader Joes, Vicki Ford, Lisa Finkle
Gardening fun!! Gloves, seeds, flowers and more.

Item #239


Trumpet Flower Windbell...
Vigil Farms
Vigil Farms - Our windbells are a one-of-a-kind creation!  Made from decommissioned air tanks, our windbells make an extraordinary chime and are hand-cut and hand-painted for a unique look and sound. We are Thomas and Tori Vigil, living in ru...